Squad Squawk

As the seemingly endless conflict between Palestine and Israel rages on, socialist squad member Rashida Tlaib's seemingly endless rants rage on as well.

This week, she doubled down on her feeble attempt to "interconnect" a conflict that has gone on as long as many of us have lived with the racial tensions that she and her marxist members of congress have been stoking since entering public service.


What Tlaib is actually doing is to conflate two separate issues--more importantly she is granting herself cover for what should be obvious to anyone capable of critical thought, that she is misrepresenting the truth and not representing her constituents of Michigan's 13th congressional district...here in America!

The only thing less stable than her voice is her logic. 

Ms. Tlaib, stop carrying the Palestinian flag, and start championing the American flag-- or you are free to hop on a plane and get on the front lines for the only people you seem to care about.