Dude PAC’s SHYT List*

Welcome to Dude PAC’s SHYT list (Socialist Hidden In Your Town). Patriots like you have gathered the information below to alarm voters of the next AOC. 

If you know of a socialist running for government near you, and they’re not in our database, then click here and submit their information to Dude PAC. You will be required to provide contact information for possible follow up questions (your information will not be used for any other purpose). From there, our team will verify and upload lists of socialists nation-wide for voters to review before elections. Don’t be fooled again, consult Dude PAC’s SHYT list before the next primary to prevent marxist idiocracy from infiltrating your community.

First Name Last Name City State Position Email Phone Links
Nanett Barragan District 44 AK Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/nanette_barragan/412687 202-225-8220
Randall Woodfin Birmingham AL Mayor info@randallwoodfin.com 205-706-0038
Andy Woloszyn Huntsville AL Mayor
Pamela Powers Hannley Tucson AZ Arizona House of Representatives, District 9
Jennifer Jermaine AZ Arizona House of Representatives, District 18
Juan Mendez Phoenix AZ Arizona State Senate, District 26 602-926-4124
Martin Quezada Phoenix AZ Arizona State Senate, District 29
Christine Marsh Phoenix AZ Arizona State Senate, District 28 Chris4Arizona@gmail.com
Rubin Gallego Phoenix AZ U.S. House of Representative, AZ - 7 (202) 225-4065
Raul Grijalva AZ United States House of Representatives, AZ - 3 az03services@mail.house.gov (202) 225-2435
Miranda Schubert Schubert Tucson AZ City Council Ward 6 elect@mirandaforward6.com 520-815-7325
Carm en Remirez District 5 CA State Assembly 916-319-2022
Alex Lee District 25 CA State Assembly 916-319-2025
Ash Kalra District 27 CA State Assembly 916-319-2027
Miguel Santiago District 53 CA State Assembly (916) 319-2053
Lorena Gonzalas District 80 CA State Assembly
Jared Huffman District 2 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/jared_huffman/412511 202-225-5161
Lucile Roybal-Allard District 40 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/lucille_roybal_allard/400347 202-225-1766
Grace Napolitano District 32 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/grace_napolitano/400290 202-225-5256
Mark Takano District 41 CA representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/mark_takano/412520 202-225-2305
Mark Desaulnier District 11 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/mark_desaulnier/412613 202-225-2095
Jimmy Gomez District 34 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/jimmy_gomez/412739 202-225-6235
Ted Lieu District 33 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/ted_lieu/412616 202-225-3976
Judy Chu District 27 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/judy_chu/412379 202-225-5464
Katie Porter District 45 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/katie_porter/412758 202-225-5611
Ro Khanna District 17 CA Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/ro_khanna/412684 202-225-2631
Barbara Lee House District 13 CA Representative in Congress https://lee.house.gov/contact/email-me 202-225-2661
Karen Bass Los Angelis County CA Representative in Congress
Joe Neguse District 2 CO Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/joe_neguse/412761 202-225-2161
Joe Neguse District 2 CO Representative in Congress
Julie Gonzales Denver CO Colorado State Senate, District 34 julie@julieforcolorado.com 720-891-2712
Fredrica Wilson District 24 FL Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/frederica_wilson/412412 202-225-4506
Richie Floyd St Petersburg FL City Council, District 8 contact@richiefloyd.com
Jamie Raskin District 8 MD Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/jamie_raskin/412708 202-225-5341
Michael Sylvester Peaks Island ME State House Representative District 39 Mike.Sylvester@legislature.maine.gov (207) 239-1777, (207) 239-1488
Grayson Lookner Augusta ME Maine State House, District 37 Looknerforstaterep@gmail.com 207-200-3860
Benjamin Collings Augusta ME State House Representative District 42 Benjamin.Collings@legislature.maine.gov (207) 405-7865
Chloe Maxmin Augusta ME State Senate, District 13 Chloe.Maxmin@legislature.maine.gov (207) 200-6224
Troy Jackson Augusta ME State Senator Troy.Jackson@legislature.maine.gov (207) 287-1515
Eli Savit Washtenaw County MI County Prosecutor
Yousef Rabhi District 53 MI Michigan House of Representatives https://www.michiganvotes.org/NewspaperShowIssue.aspx 517-373-2577
Abdullauh Hammoud District 15 MI Michigan House of Representatives https://www.michiganvotes.org/NewspaperShowIssue.aspx 517-373-0847
Andy Levin Dsitrict 9 MI Representative in Congress https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/andy_levin/412785 202-225-4961
Myya jones Detroit MI Candidate for Mayor https://myyaformayor.com/contact/ na
Krystle DuPree Ann Arbor MI Board of Education dupreek@aaps.k12.mi.us (734) 926-8315
Eli Savit Washtenaw County MI Washtenaw County Prosecutor prosecutor@washtenaw.org 734-222-6620
Cynthia Johnson Detroit MI State House Representative District 5 cynthiaAjohnson@house.mi.gov (517) 373-0844
Yousef Rabhi Detroit MI State House Representative District 53 yousefrabhi@house.mi.gov (517) 373-2577
Abdullah Hammoud Detroit MI State House Representative District 15 abdullahhammoud@house.mi.gov (517) 373-0847
Rashida Tlaib Detroit MI State House Representative District 13 info@rashidaforcongress.com 202-225-5126
Andy Levin Detroit MI State House Representative District 9 (586) 498-7122
Stephanie Chang Detroit MI State Senator, District 1 senschang@senate.michigan.gov 517-373-7346
Abraham Aiyash Detroit MI State House Representative District 4 abrahamaiyash@house.mi.gov (517)-373-1008
Ashley Grimm ST Louis MN County Commission
Nikki Villavicencio Maplewood MN City Council Nikki.Villavicencio@maplewoodmn.gov 651-558-7662
Mohamud Noor District 60B MN House of Representatives rep.mohamud.noor@house.mn 651-296-4257
Jamie Long District 61B MN House of Representatives District 61B rep.jamie.long@house.mn 651-296-5375
Jim Davnie District 63A MN House of Representatives District 63A rep.jim.davnie@house.mn 651-296-0173
Ryan Winkler District 46A MN House of Representatives info@ryanwinkler.com, rep.ryan.winkler@house.mn 507-450-0413, 651-296-7026
Emma Greenman District 63B MN House of Representatives rep.emma.greenman@house.mn, info@emmagreenman.com 651-296-4200
Frank Hornstein District 61A MN House of Representatives rep.frank.hornstein@house.mn, fhornstein@msn.com 651-296-9281
Tina Liebling District 26A MN House of Representatives rep.tina.liebling@house.mn, info@tinaliebling.com 651-296-0573, 800-339-9038, 507-289-4664
Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn District 48B MN House of Representatives rep.carlie.kotyza-witthuhn@house.mn 651-296-7449
Hodan Hassan District 62A MN House of Representatives rep.hodan.hassan@house.mn 651-296-0294
Liz Olson District 7B MN House of Representatives rep.liz.olson@house.mn 651-296-4246
Aisha Gomez District 62B MN House of Representatives rep.aisha.gomez@house.mn 651-296-7152
Jennifer Schultz District 14B MN House of Representatives rep.dan.wolgamott@house.mn 651-296-6612
Jennifer Schultz District 7A MN House of Representatives
Carlos Mariani District 65B MN House of Representatives rep.carlos.mariani@house.mn 651-296-9714
Jay Xiong District 67B MN House of Representatives rep.jay.xiong@house.mn 651-296-4201
Jen McEwen District 7 MN State Senate sen.jennifer.mcewen@senate.mn 651-296-4188
Patricia Torres Ray District 63 MN State Senate 651-296-4274
John Marty District 66 MN State Senate 651-296-5645
Omar Fateh District 62 MN State Senate sen.omar.fateh@senate.mn 651-296-4261
Lindsey Port District 56 MN State Senate sen.lindsey.port@senate.mn 651-296-5975
Ilhan Omar Minneapolis MN State House Representative District 5 info@ilhanomar.com 612-354-6825, (202) 225-4755
Kandace Buckner Kansas City MO Public Schools Board of Education Sub-district 5 kandace@kandace4kcps.com, kbuckner@kcpublicschools.org
Rita Marie Cortes Kansas City MO School Board, District 1 rcortes@sb-kc.com 816.421.4460
Tanesha Ford Kansas City MO Public Schools Board of Education At-large info@taneshaford.com 816-226-6773
Matt Davis St. Louis MO Public Schools Board of Education Matt.Davis@slps.org
Dan Guenther St. Louis MO Board of Alderman, Ward 9 danguentherSTL@gmail.com (314) 304-6797
Bill Stephens St. Louis MO Board of Aldermen Ward 12 stephens4alderman@gmail.com (314) 312-1255
James Page St. Louis MO Board of Aldermen Ward 5 info@jamespageforward5.com (314) 910-9605
Tina 'Sweet-T" Pihl St. Louis MO Board of Aldermen Ward 17 314.301.9868, (314) 622-3770
Sharon Tyus St. Louis MO Board of Aldermen Ward 1 (314) 622-3287, (314) 622-4273
Natalie Vowell St. Louis MO Public Schools Board of Education NatalieVowell@gmail.com 314.467.0127
Megan Ellyia Green St. Louis MO St. Louis Board of Aldermen Ward 15 megan@meganellyiagreen.com 314.591.9587
Cori Bush St. Louis MO United States House of Representatives, MO-1
Aria DiMezzo New Hampshire County NH Sheriff aria@effpolice.com
Kate Triggiano Red Bank NJ City Coiuncil
Mico Lucide Atlantic City NJ County Clerk
Hazim Yassin Red Bank NJ Councilman hyassin@uwgllc.com (732) 639-0401‬
Kate L. Triggiano Red Bank NJ Councilwoman ktriggiano@redbanknj.org 732-530-2777
Jamaal Bowman Bronxville NY United States House of Representatives, NY - 16 info@bowmanforcongress.com
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez The Bronx and Queens NY United States House of Representatives, NY - 14 us@ocasiocortez.com (929) 388-6141
Michael Rivers District 121 SC House of Representatives MichaelRivers@schouse.gov (843) 263-8467
Krystle Matthews District 117 SC House of Representatives (843) 310-8755
Wendell Gilliard District 111 SC House of Representatives (843) 402-9710
Justin Bamberg District 90 SC House of Representatives JBAMBERG@BAMBERGLEGAL.COM (803) 682-2860
Ivory Thigpen District 79 SC House of Representatives ivorythigpen@schouse.gov (803) 865-8738
Leon Howard District 76 SC House of Representatives info@reelectleonhoward.com (803) 254-9468
Terry Alexander District 59 SC House of Representatives (843) 665-7321
Greg Casar District 4 TX City Council 512-678-2104
Greg Casar District 4 TX City Council gregorio.casar@austintexas.gov 512-978-2104
Marisabel Cabrera District 9 WI State Assembly votemarisabel@gmail.com (414) 207-3554
Samba Baldeh District 17 WI Common Council Rep.Baldeh@legis.wisconsin.gov (608) 266-0960, (888) 534-0048
Sara Rodriguez District 13 WI State Assembly Rep.SRodriguez@legis.wisconsin.gov (608) 267-9836, (888) 534-0013
Melissa Agard District 16 WI State Senate Sen.Agard@legis.wisconsin.gov (608) 266-9170
Mark Pocan WI US House Representative 202-225-2906

* The Dude PAC Does Not Condone Violence Of Any Kind, Or The Shedding Of Innocent Blood To Achieve Political Objectives. This Dude PAC SHYT list is for informative purposes only.