Old Man Yells at Clouds After Joe Manchin Puts the Kibosh on 'Build Back Better'

What gets me about what’s in this letter is how disconnected from reality it is. Sanders begins by lamenting billionaires because that’s literally all he ever talks about. He then cites the BBB bill as a solution — despite the fact that it does nothing to stop the rich from getting richer and actually includes a massive SALT tax giveaway to the ultra-wealthy. In fact, it is the single biggest line item in the bill.

This is what Democrats have been reduced to. They mumble about the rich while trying to pass legislation that helps the rich. Makes sense, right?
As the letter continues, Sanders says that Democrats are going to “take on the greed of the pharmaceutical companies.” But last I checked, it’s the left that has given those companies a complete pass in regards to the COVID-19 vaccines and wants to keep shoveling taxpayer money into their coffers. Again, the Democrats are a ball of contradictions, saying one thing while doing another.

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