New York Democrat Assemblyman Defeated In His Attempt To Detain Civilians for COVID, Blames the Truth Movement For Beating Him

Perry withdrew the bill after citizen journalists and Truthers rallied against the legislation on social media. Perry ranted about “Conspiracy theorists” in his statement killing his own bill. Clearly, this episode represents a victory for the Truth movement.

Nick Perry has issued a statement of defeat, and Big League Politics has obtained the text of Perry’s surrender statement. Assemblyman Nick Perry states: “Conspiracy theorists, and those who spread misinformation online are once again trolling on social media, posting concocted stories about A.416. To deprive these individuals the ability to use this issue for fuel to spread their fire of lies and mistruths, I will take the appropriate legislative action to strike the bill, remove it from the calendar, thus ending all consideration, and actions that could lead to passage into law…”

Patriot truth teller Mindy Robinson stated, prior to Perry stopping the bill, that “New York will be voting on a law to detain anyone they so much as “suspect” is a health danger to the public. As someone who is on ADL’s hit list, and already censored off every platform but GAB for being “dangerous” …I think we all know where this is going here. Just say you want to put us in concentration camps, so we can get this revolution going already.” Matt Couch, editor-in-chief of, also investigated the bill prior to Perry stopping it.

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