Joe Biden’s Omicron speech was a pack of total bull

  • by:
  • Source: NY Post
  • 12/21/2021
Asked by someone in the media why “it took so long” for his administration to get serious about providing home exams and other forms of COVID tests to the American people, he snapped: “Come on, ‘What took so long?’ It didn’t take long at all. What happened was the Omicron virus spread more rapidly than anyone thought.”
That is a hilarious untruth, so brazen you have to admire Biden for even attempting something this Trumpian.
Once Omicron was detected in the fourth week of November, the world went bananas precisely because it was going to spread rapidly. That was the reason everybody was afraid of it — because of its potential virulence and the fact that it seemed almost designed to elude and defeat some of the vaccines being used worldwide to combat COVID.

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