Federal Solutions

Two more days until the giant cup of coffee drops and Covid’s second year fades into the history books. In the roundup: Biden’s Covid deaths surge past Trump’s; Biden signals a potentially game-changing shift in policy (if he knows what he was saying); the CDC cuts quarantines; New York’s strict Covid policies don’t bear fruit; South Africa’s case fatality rate plunges; the New York Times runs an unexpected article questioning booster logic; Rogan predicts his April event in Canada won’t go; and the latest U.S. migration data shows bad news for blue states.

 It’s official! There have now been more “Covid deaths” under Joe Biden than there were under President Trump. In 2020, during the presidential debates, Biden warned darkly that “anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”
Well, Joe? Your move.
 Now, I positioned this next item as a funny rejoinder to the previous one. But there’s more to it. First, what happened: on a call with the governors yesterday, some buttlicker was praising Biden’s Covid response and offered a “word of encouragement” to Biden as he “looks for federal solutions” to the pandemic.
Biden interrupted him. “Look, there IS NO federal solution,” he said curtly. “This gets solved on the state level.”

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